Strange EFT Result and New Tapping

Strange EFT Tapping Result – Why?

This morning, I got up to continue yesterday’s tapping. But the emotion was gone. So, why is that? I think the tapping that I did subsequently with yesterday’s client removed the last vestiges of the negative emotions, because we were tapping on a similar issue with the client.… Read the rest

Fear and Self-Sabotage

  1. EFT Tapping for Fear of Moving Forward

I have been through an awful lot in the past 3 years. To cut a long story short, I lost my fight to stay with my spouse in my spouse’s country, lost my home, my car, my business, my office, my income, everything, despite having hired very good professional to help me do what I thought was a simple visa application, which I finally won the legal battle for, but not till after losing everything and going back to my country homeless for 7 months whilst I rebuilt everything pretty much from scratch.… Read the rest

Inhalers Now Available At UK Chemists, Tapping For New Calm

EFT Tapping for Trauma

I broke down at the pharmacist, because the gestspo-like UK doctor’s clinic did not issue a repeat prescription for inhalers that I may need to continue recovering from this 5.5 month COPD complication. Then the pharmacists assistant told me that due to a change in law only recently, they can sell the medicine to me over the counter instead.… Read the rest

EFT Buteyko Running Success image

Come Home Baby, Come Home

Come Home Baby, Come Home

I have just done the first 1km rum afyer the year of helping knee injury followed by 5 months of COPD complications. I am so proud! It may not be the 21km I am used to, but it was an effort and an achievement.… Read the rest

Candida Gone, Getting Fit For Ju Jitsu

Candida Gone, Now Eating Less and Working Out More

For Ju Jitsu, my new sport, I have to become lighter and stronger. It took a while to get there. First, I battled with injuries. Next, I battled with COPD, which for 5 months was winning.… Read the rest

High Blood Pressure Tapped Down Again

High Blood Pressure Due To Work Pressure Tapped Away 

I woke up and did my banking first thing, as I always do. I was reminded all too well that I had depleted all my savings with 5 months of COPD problems.… Read the rest

High Blood Pressure Goes Nicely Low Again

High Blood Pressure EFT Tapping Motivates me through Diet And Exercise with Ease and NO Deprivation Feelings at All

Yesterday, I did a Body Pump class after checking my blood pressure was good enough to take increased weights. We are only talking 10-7 kgs here, by the way, instead of my usual 8-5.… Read the rest

Blood pressure EFT success image

High Blood Pressure EFT Simple Mantra

High Blood Pressure EFT Tapping Simple Statement

Just about 2 weeks after starting my blood pressure regime, it is normal again. Below the high normal range. Within the nice healthy normal range. And here is the picture from just now.

Blood pressure EFT success image8

I have been and continue tapping, to become stronger, fitter, and lighter.… Read the rest