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Wine, allergy, and this London EFT practitioner

Allergic to wine? This

London EFT practitioner isn’t showing any symptoms. An allergy type of reaction occurs sometimes when I have wine, so I

treated myself with EFT before drinking it. I held the wine in one hand and tapped with the other:

“Even though

wine messes up my breathing, I deeply love and accept mysef”
“Wine messes up my breathing”

I drank some of the

wine and I am still breathing just fine. I couldn’t drink any more because it tasted too rancid at that stage. So EFT made

it safe for my body to have some wine and made me dislike the wine after I had drunk a safe amount.

I’m still breathing

fine. Cool trick, isn’t it?
EFT with Me, Suzanne Zacharia, Practitioner

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