Month: September 2007

Effect of EFT on Chronic Disease

When I first thought up this blog, it was as motivation for me to tap. By others reading this blog:

  1. They are helped with their own health issues by using the EFT tappings here.
  2. I get publicity for the New Age London EFT services.

This is enough motivation to get me tapping like crazy every day. Recently, this blog was being fixed, and I did not tap as much for myself. As a result, I worked too many hours on a new venture, got too many things wrong (and now will have to spend a day this week putting them right), and as a result have not been to the gym for a month, and had not done more than about 20 minutes of exercise a week for the last 4 weeks. My breathing deteriorated, I put on about 4 kg, I felt sluggish, and developed spots.Today, knowing that the blog was up again, I did some weights and stretches for 10 minutes then went for a jog, bought my breakfast, and here I am. When jogging this morning, I tapped on the BN points (in astraight line down from the BN point to the bottom of the ribcage) with all 5 fingers, saying “Yes, yes, yes I can, I can, I can , I can, I can”. Otherwise, I rubbed my Thumb and Forefinger points together. I managed 2.5 minutes cumulative jogging, which is pathetic for my old standards but a start I am proud of.I did do a long tapping at one point in this quiet period, and that is the subject of another posting.… Read the rest