Stretching, shoulder pain, and recovery EFT

Tomorrow, I am back at the gym after a month+ relapse due to a wood barbecue, being with smokers, and a chest infection to boot (the former weakened my immune system so I got the latter). Today I went for a long walk on the beach. It was not easy, but I did it. Just now, I was doing some stretch and core muscle exercises on the balcony in the sun. I like doing this for about 10-15 minutes when I can’t get to the gym. The sun was lovely, and there were no barbecues outside – ahhh heaven! I also did my Buteyko breathing exercises (find out how you can do these in the link below about Asthma and COPD).sport_harnsasanaI rubbed my finger points together whilst doing my Buteyko exercises and it helped me carry on. During the stretches, I noticed the inside of my left shoulder blade was very tight. As an energy worker, I know this means fear, so I started tapping on current fears.Setup“Even though I have this fear of not paying the rent on time with clients’ money drying up at this time of year, I deeply and completely accept myself”Even though I have this fear of [my spouse] not getting another contract very soon, even though I have been the main breadwinner for months now, I deeply and completely accept myself””Even though I have this fear that I cannot pay [a creditor] on time, I deeply love and accept myself”Reminder“This fear” , “Fear under my shoulder blade”, “[the creditor]”, “Fear”And then it occurred to me that last year this time, I had to pay my rent late, and that it was OK.… Read the rest

I kissed the cat and no allergy symptoms at all

Love Cats, No more allergy when tapping

With my current chest infection, you can certainly say my immune system is compromised. So it is of no surprise to me that my lips tingled when I kissed the cat a couple of days ago. I tapped for “this cat allergy” for a couple of minutes then. Today, I kissed her for quite a while (yes, I like kissing cats) and got no allergy symptoms whatsoever. Read the rest