EFT-TV-Tapping Releases Money Energy Block

Something happened to me in my new home. And this is since 5 months ago. I know what it was, I have tapped through most of it now, by myself and with the help of 3 good EFT Practitioners for times when I wanted .It was a feeling that I am not allowed to work on the computer in my current home.Logic says that is rubbish and that I chose this beautiful home to rent for two years until I can buy again, based mainly on the ease of doing computer work from home. But emotion is not logical. Emotion is ruled by energy, and if there are energy blocks in the body, illogical thoughts rule over clear and helpful thinking.Rent and buying a home has been on my mind lately simply due to the fact that my rent is due tomorrow, and I am planning to do the bank transfer to my landlord today after doing some computer work. So rent as opposed to having my own home that I had gotten used to was on my mind today. Now it is just a matter of time before I can buy again, so there is no problem there. I was abroad for my health, got everything I needed and more, and it was the best investment I had ever made. Now I can always make money doing what I love, because of my level of skill and experience, so I am quickly building up client referrals again, so money is not a problem.… Read the rest

EFT For Running Half Marathon Incl Knee Rehab

EFT For Running Half Marathon Training Incl Knee Rehab

I had a great session in the gym today. It started with a Body Pump class, which incorporated pretty much what Ann the physiotherapist had given me. The teacher really encouraged me when I was struggling with my now weakened torso (due to the accident involving my knee).Then I went onto the running training. Only I am on the second day of using the elliptical machine rather than actually run, until my next appointment with Ann, when she will re-assess the healing of my meniscus.Sports stadium and running track

EFT Results Seen In My Language As Well As Laps

I put the music on my phone and went for it. The elliptical trainer in this gym has a running track that you watch, with your place on it as you go. I rubbed my thumbs against the handles as I said in my head “Go on, you ******* *******”, addressing that point on the track. It helps to see a visual. After tapping like this for 5 minutes, my language changed. It softened and became more positive: “COPD Nil, Suzanne 2 laps”. Then it became exuberant, to the beat of the music: “COPD Nil Nil Nil Nil”.I easily finished 23 minutes and something over 5 laps, I cannot remember how many. It was too much fun!Next time, I aim for 40 minutes.Onward and forward!

Why Tap And Why Run?

Because there is enough evidence that unhappy emotions can exacerbate a physical condition, and because running has an amazing effect on my left lung, where the smoking damage is (now down to almost nothing).… Read the rest