Aspergers – An Autistic Journey

All this I tapped on whilst the blog was down last month. I include this here to help others with Aspergers or Autism.

When I was growing up, I was always told that the brain may exhibit genius in some families, and then may go further, to exhibit some form of madness. In other words, that madness is just the extrapolation of genius. My family came from Palestine, and I always have bonded with Jewish people with close genetic links to Israel. I grew up in a loving middle-class Mediterranian family. My upbringing was certainly very unusual, and I had previously thought it was a root cause of me being so “different”. My immediate family and people I could identify with were Palestinians and Israelis with “genius bordering on madness”. I thought it was something to do with my origins. I had no idea.

In my early teens, I started writing to agony columns, and continued in my late teens and early 20s contacting help organisations, asking doctors, etc, to find out why I have various symptoms, and how to cope with them. Nobody could give me an answer. They suggested what I knew to be bizarre coping strategies. I knew this because I had tried them. But of course, these are coping strategies for neurotypicals. Of course, they wouldn’t necessarily work for me. But I didn’t know that then.

In my 20s and 30s, I made friends with schizophrenics, manic depressives, and – unwittingly – many people with ADHD or Aspergers. My strongest romantic interests were with people with ADHD. When I was looking to conceive, I simply found a neurotypical with blond hair, blue eyes, and whose sister had a remarkably high IQ.

When I first fell ill, I quickly found out that what people liked about me was not my personality. I had lost my looks. I had previously thought that I was liked for my honesty, directness, and logic. Looking back, I was very fortunate to have been so good-looking. It saved me from so much. Since then, Reiki, and then to a much greater extent, EFT, tempered the extreme personality aspects of Aspergers in me.

I started to treat clients with Aspergers about 3 years ago and had to adapt the EFT for them. I was discussing with a colleague about changing the EFT protocol for Aspergers clients, when I realised that I did the same things as them. With typical Aspergers logic, I realised that I must then myself have Aspergers.

Recently, someone raised the point that I knew a disproportionately large number of neurodiverse people. So I finally took tests to find out. One test tested purely for current behaviour. This is silly, because EFT has tempered my anger, my outspokenness, much of my clumsiness, and studying NLP daily for two years has helped me communicate with others. Another test asked about the usual symptoms like living your life for just one interest, being logical, and being honest. It also asked about all those symptoms I had never thought were to do with Aspergers:

  • Strong beliefs
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch (making hugging sometimes uncomfortable, hence why my aunt was not huggy)
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Extreme sensitivity to sound
  • Extreme sensitivity to light
  • Extreme reactions to sound and light
  • Stimming – slight rocking, hand wringing, leg and foot shaking. I thought this was the domain of other autistics in terms of big body rocks and big hand flapping. I had never thought the smaller movements to be unusual. All my father’s family did it, except for two, who were overweight – I thought because they didn’t move as much as “we” did. I can eat a lot, I have lots of nervous energy, and so did the “us” in my father’s family.
  • Staring into open space
  • Not knowing how to do the eye-contact thing
  • Tendency to psychic sensitivity (this is the total opposite with many, as is sensitivity in other ways)
  • Tendency to flashes of anger
  • Not being able to control my voice – it often goes too loud or too quiet, giving the impression of shouting or whispering. I had training which helps.
  • Being good with remembering numbers. I can remember any telephone number that I wish to, even if totally drunk.
  • Tendency to OCD
  • When I was about 9 years old, I stopped talking to any children, and stayed that way for several months. People thought I was shy, and I knew I wasn’t. I just didn’t have anything to say.
  • Not being good with money

I tapped as I remembered all those times when I or my family unit needed help and could not get it, the
times when I was given medication for my illness which is unsuitable for autistics, and the times when I could have gotten help with bringing up my children but didn’t know what to ask for. Then came elation, as I know that even though I scored pretty high on the Aspergers test, I am happy as I am, my friends, colleagues, and family are happy with me as I am, my Aspergers is a bonus to society, and I am happy to help others in similar situations.

What someone with a different brain needs more than anything else is:

  • Sufficient nutrition for optimal health
  • The EFT 9-Gamut every now and then with the tapping
  • Strategies for communicating with others
  • Lots of EFT and TLC
  • Acceptance

Thanks for reading this.

With Healing thoughts,


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