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Fear and Self-Sabotage

  1. EFT Tapping for Fear of Moving Forward

I have been through an awful lot in the past 3 years. To cut a long story short, I lost my fight to stay with my spouse in my spouse’s country, lost my home, my car, my business, my office, my income, everything, despite having hired very good professional to help me do what I thought was a simple visa application, which I finally won the legal battle for, but not till after losing everything and going back to my country homeless for 7 months whilst I rebuilt everything pretty much from scratch. Along the way, I have faced many challenges, overcome most of them, but part of me is still broken, and the great healer and author in me who was much appreciated by many is still struggling to re-emerge, as many practical tasks to be completed are still outstanding, and I have spent too much time simply surviving. Part of me is still too much in survival mode. And that is creating a fear of moving forward.

As I say “survival mode”, I feel a negative emotion in my chest and throat of about 6.5 out of 10.

Setup: “Even though I have this survival mode feeling, I deeply desire to feel better”.

Reminder: “Survival Mode feeling”.

I added the 9-Gamut, as it really does it for me, and seems to balance my brain very quickly. It is not for everyone, but if you are curious, you can see it here: EFT 9-Gamut

Down to 5 out of 10.… Read the rest

EFT, PTSD, COPD, ORCA 4 AM, and Spousal Tapping

EFT, PTSD, COPD, ORCA 4 AM, and Spousal Tapping

I woke up with the morning sun today. As we move closer to Spring in the UK, the amazing dawn tickles my eyes and warms my heart in the morning. I stir till ready to awaken, then the sun greets me with a warm embrace, filling the room with love and happy expectations for a new day.It was not always that way.There was a time when dawn and sunshine and mornings were forbidden. That gave me PTSD. Long story, too personal, but let’s say I was foolish to get into that situation, it taught me real love for all of my family, and the PTSD is over. Though I did have a bit of a cry this morning, as my spouse tapped on me. I was listening to ORCA 4 AM, a classic from my raving days. and more memories came as my spouse tapped on me. How safe it was to be awake at 4 AM in a field in the British summer, as dawn broke, the birds sang, and the crowd danced with joy. And how i was only there because i had discovered that MDMA dried my chest up and released the need to smoke from my body for a week afterwards. And my children had the choice of looking after each other or be put into care, and I was too scared of what would happen to them in care. I had COPD at that relatively young age, was misdiagnosed, and alternatives to taking nicotine in cigarettes were illegal or not thought of as yet then.… Read the rest