Crime and Order Whittington Hospital Episode

Still in tears, I came here to tap.

My spouse got a new DVD series – Crime and Order, UK. The episode I have just seen involved a criminal going to Whittington Hospital for treatment. As soon as I saw the sign to Whittington Hospital, I noticed a spike of 1 out of ten and started rubbing my finger points while I watched. But at the end of this episode, the criminal boss, a high-standing respected member of the community, was found guilty on 17 counts of murder. As the jury returned the verdict of guilty – now I’m crying. Whittington Hospital was never found guilty for what they did to me. I still have some debt to pay because their “top consultant” made out the symptoms I reported did not exist and said I had never caught a virus but suddenly and inexplicably got a severe form of “asthma” literally overnight. I who had everything to live for now became ruined just because of this consultant. I could not claim disability benefits because he insisted there was nothing wrong with me but “asthma”. So if I had asthma you bastard why the hell did I go on my hands and knees coughing up blood every morning for 5 hours?! Why despite earning decent money do I now struggle every month to pay back debts? Why is my credit rating so crap?! He has never been brought to justice.


“Even though that poor excuse for a human being has never been brought to justice and I’ve never been given a chance to hear the word “guilty”, never been given a chance for all those days and nights I had to work low-paid jobs just to fund alternative health to help myself, I accept myself anyway”


“That vile despicable person, no, semi-person, that place where he worked, Whittington Hospital”


“Guilty on all counts”

“Guilty for what happened to me and my children as a result”


Tapping as I write:

Now the whole thing is a zero but the fact that  I still have to pay back the remaining debt hurts. I need to have my hair done, the car needs repair, but we have to wait, despite earning enough, because every month, I have to pay back the cost of getting better.  So that is down to a 2-3 now. I am grateful to not only be alive but much better.  The remaining debt is very small compared to what it used to be. It was money well-spent. I will buy Henna powder and have my hair cut cheaply. I can breathe better than I have overall since 23 years ago when the Whittington malpractice happened. This is only temporary. I now feel at peace – 0 for now.

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