Decision-Time – Two Oceans or Darling For First Half-Marathon?

Decision-time came today, where I had to decide whether to enter for the Two Oceans half-marathon or do a smaller half-marathon as my first. Of those, I fancied the Darling half-marathon on 21st May 2011, and called and got the details for comparison.  So I am tapping as I read and re-read the following factors.

  • My spouse has lost an important contract as an IT contractor three months ago (when the company went bust owing 4 months pay), and although we are recovering well from it, and I am blessed with an abundance of lovely clients, I am loathe to spend the Two Oceans entry fee just now when it is needed for other things (as has been the case for the last two months).
  • Although I am making phenomenal progress with distance and stamina, my speed is still slow (though improving).
  • The Darling half-marathon is:
    • About a fourth of the price for me as a non-South African.
    • Only about 700 entrants compared to 11500.
    • Three weeks later, which means three weeks extra training time working on my speed. And since I am progressing 0.1 km/hour faster per week, that means an extra 0.3 km/hour added to my speed).
    • Starts at 8:30 instead of 6 am (a big plus for a non-morning person).

OK, decision made. My first half-marathon will be at Darling on 21st May 2011  🙂

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