Feeling like a fraud


About 3 weeks ago, my spouse rescued a kitten from an owner who suddenly became incapacitated, and tried to keep her against my protestations. Our home is too small, we don’t have a garden, I had no time to play with this lovely kitten or take care of her, I was desperately trying to recover from a chest infection from hell, and it turned out that our existing cat had a big behavioral problem regarding other cats, which took up even more of my time and energy. I was exhausted tapping, looking for root causes, tapping, doing body language stuff, cooped up with the windows closed, up all night with the kitten playing and being a naturally boisterous little kitten, my papers and bills strewn all over the floor, the smell of a suddenly-full cat litter, etc… And I just could not take any more in the end. So I put my foot down and insisted we find her a good home pretty sharpish. We did within a day. She went to the most loving home you can imagine, with two boys who had just lost their beloved cat. She is now very happy. Last night I managed 10 hours of sleep – I had been that exhausted. Today, strangely enough, I felt clear-headed enough to find several root causes for our cat’s behavior. I will tap slowly and gradually over the next months until all this is cleared with our cat, as we want to adopt another cat when we move to a bigger property in a couple of years or so. And although I still feel a bit of a fraud letting the kitten go, it was only by tapping that I realized my health could not take all the closed windows, smelly cat litter, being up all night with kitten’s play, daily tapping for three more months for our existing cat, and all that pressure. Sometimes the tapping shows us a solution to a problem rather than solve the problem directly. And I know my daughter tapped for her own cat for about 4 months with my help and now her cat is totally cured and behaves impeccably. But my health could not have taken three more months of this. I was really bad; so bad I had to go on a short course of steroids as well as antibiotics.

So, after tapping on this about an hour a day for a few weeks, what remains is a 2 out of 10 of feeling a fraud for letting the kitten go.

“Even though I feel like a fraud…”

No result

Setup and Reminder

“Even though I feel like a fraud, I DEEPLY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF”


I now have my calm self-respect back. Phew!

Biiig Yawn…

When you have a chronic physical condition, anything that either emotionally or physically has a negative impact on you can make the condition worse. EFT is one way of throwing away the emotional rubbish collecting in your system. In the same way that we dispose of our household rubbish regularly for home cleanliness and hygiene, I use EFT to dispose of negative emotions for my optimal physical health. —

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