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Forgiveness does not make it right

Forgiveness does not make it right, its function is only to make me feel alright

I am sitting on the bus, repeating this mantra as I tap my Thumb point against the underside of my iPad. Nobody on the bus can tell what I am doing. But I am finally releasing the anger, shock, and total dismay from an incident that happened yesterday, when I witnessed a woman nearly run a small child over on a zebra crossing, overtaking the car on her right. The other driver’s face as he hooted in panic and horror just said it all. He looked like he expected to see the child killed in front of him.

I also now m tapping for shouting at her instead of taking the number plate and reporting it to the police, taking a picture with my phone, anything. I was too shocked. I forgive myself.

And finally I am tapping this statement:

“I want to let go of this”

After 10 minutes of tapping, I feel so much better…

Ready for my day!

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I tap daily for my health. Yesterday, I tapped on all the points in public as I expressed my anger and talked bout the incident with two other shocked witnesses. Tapping keeps cortisol levels down (scientifically proven fact). Therefore it helps me stay as healthy as possible. I was not always as healthy as this. For the really bad days of illness and how I overcame them, look back in the archives of this blog, back to around 2005.