Hospital Medical Abuse, Accident and Emergency

Thursday 26th May incidents

after the ambulance delivered me into A & E.

I waited and waited and was finally seen by various nurses and doctors, finally

was given a nebuliser as my Peak Flow was 150 “to see if it will help”. I explained that I was taking Chest-Eze to

artificially expand my lungs and drain off some of the fluid until I could recover. I explained it had Theophylline, the medic

couldn’t even find it in his medical book, and as far as I could remember, also Ephedrine, which drew a blank look from the

young medic’s face. He suggested that I take paracetamol whenever I felt too hot and that it was OK to carry on taking

Paracetamol even though I had explained that I had also taken a cold remedy containing Paracetamol and had taken more than I

should have. This was The Dippy Blond Intern. Previously, I was given up on by The Dippy Black Intern. At least we had

racial unity on this one, huh?

Dippy Black Intern incident:
He took me into a cubicle to start the examination, H and I

told him I have suspected emphysema. He just denied it and said dismissively “You’re too young to have emphysema”, upon which

I knee-jerked a “For F…’s sake, not a – f…ing – gain!”. Then he gave up on me, not wanting to be answered back in kind by

patients he deliberately chooses to abuse. H later told me that that was over the top and I must not lower myself to that

level but must lead by example, even in extreme situations like this.
SUDS 5 1/2
“Even though I have this Dippy Black

Intern feeling, I deeply and comlpetely love and accept myself”
“Dippy Black Intern”
“How could he?”

do you do this to the weak people that come to you in desperation?”
“It’s Accident and Emergency FFS!”
“I’m not too young,

just like you’re not too black, just like we are all human. We have real bodies and real feelings”
“Doesn’t matter what age

you are”
“Just like you’re not too black, I’m not too young”
“Just like you don’t want to hear abusive language, I don’t

want to be abused”
“Just like you don’t want to face the consequences of your actions, I don’t want you to to carry on

abusing patients”
“I pay your salary, along with many of the patients you regularly abuse and neglect”
“How dare you dismiss

the very people that paid for your medical education, that pay your salary, and when they need you the most?”
“What gives you

the right?”
SUDS 0, he looks like a cartoon character. A black Homer Simpson with spectacles. Gleaming. Mouth open.

some anger somewhere.
Tapping on all points:
“I can never justify these actions and can never condone in any way the way the

NHS is run or the attitude of the staff. If they want to change the system, all they have to do is refuse to comply with the

abusive system and start helping people, start educating themselves, just like we in the complementary medical profession have

to keep up our training to keep our jobs, so should they, just like we have to directly or indirectly get paid by results, so

should they. All it takes is one intern to try and actually help people. Even though I need to campaign against this, I am

doing everything I can, I am doing my best, I am doing all I can to protect those weaker than me that are being abused by

hospital medical staff, I choose to let go of this heavy blame load that I carry, I choose to let go of the heaviness of

responsibility and carry it lighly like a shining light. The light of truth will outshine all the hurt, all the lies, and one

day, the weak and infirm will access love and genuine care.”
Smiling through my tears, I wish healing to all those who need to

be in A&E right now. I hope they get the appropriate help they need, or at least some of them. I wish healing to all the

world, I channel loving truth with all creatures of the universe.

Dippy Black Intern tapping effect generalized over Dippy

Blond Intern incident, collapsing that to a 0 too.

It also generalized over the next incident, Dippy Asian Intern (I did say

we had racial unity on patient abuse in this hospital), well most of it… checking for SUDS… None there, except that she

didn’t believe the Dippy Blond Intern said to take more Paracetamol than I should.
On CB, with Th & IF:


Dippy Asian Intern was on my second visit that day, as the first intern had sent me home, despite the nebuliser having

almost no effect, saying that all tests indicated that I had no infection and could breathe properly and talk in sentences.

Like you only go silent when you’re dead. Or something unscientific and part of popular medical hospital folklore, like if

you talk then you’re not dying, because you’re not dead, or whatever. Now, on the second visit, my daughter Michelle came

with me and H, and she too was amazed. I endured what can only be described as a medical kind of rape, by using invasive

techniques to draw blood ONLY to “prove” that they are “right”. In the second visit, H and M helped me to oxygen in the

cubicle, which the nurse let me carry on taking. SUDS 3
“Oxygen incident feeling”
“Michelle’s distress”

“My other daughter Lucy’s distress, waiting to hear”
Started coughing on UB, as I tap on all the points under the

Breast, I find that is “My Point”, so, tapped over my thymus with all fingers, saying:
“Thymus” “Immune System” “Love and

healing” “My family’s love”
The Dippy Asian Intern had also said:
“We have done two blood tests and you

definitely have no viral or bacterial infection”
SUDS 1/2
“Even though the doctors are not the biochemist that I am,

I deeply accept myself. I understand that my skills, intelligence and talents make me a better investigator, I understand that

I should not hold her incompetence against her, I just wish she had bothered to find out about the blood tresting that got done

and how and why it showed inaccurate results.”
“Find out about blood tests, learn your trade before you sentence

more people to misery and a slow and painful death. ”
“Any remaining Dippy Asian Intern feeling”
“Any remaining overall

Thursday Hospital visits feeling”

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Dippy Blond Intern did actually write a letter and ask

the staff to send it to my GP aftrerwards as the chest x-ray taken indicated “very big lungs”. However he also sent me home

although I was delerious and still having difficulty breathing.
Tapping, just in case there’s anything I missed:

Blond Intern”

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