IBS pain EFT Miracle On the MyCiti to Cape Town

My intestines were compromised many moons ago when I had contacted a fierce tummy bug. And although much of the damage has been fixed now, let’s say my intestines are not as healthy now in my fifties as they were in my teens. So this morning, I ate quickly some fruit which I just did not feel like carrying with me on the bus – only three-quarters of a pear, nothing special. But by the time I was at the bus stop, my intestines were hurting, an 8 out of 10. Like many tappers, forgetting about tapping, I rubbed my tummy instead. And of course, when it didn’t help, I remembered to tap! So I surreptitiously rubbed the Karate chop, as I said in my head: “Even though my tummy hurts, I deeply love and accept myself”. After a couple of minutes of this, the pain was gone. Some of it came back on the bus, a 4 out of 10, so I just repeated the rubbing EFT and all is well. I look forward to my fully booked day of EFT on the clinic, writing this on my way to work on the bus.

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When you have a chronic physical condition, anything that either emotionally or physically has a negative impact on you can make the condition worse. EFT is one way of throwing away the emotional rubbish collecting in your system. In the same way that we dispose of our household rubbish regularly for home cleanliness and hygiene, I use EFT to dispose of negative emotions for my optimal physical health. I call an emotion anything that your mind or body says to you, from fear to constricted airways. My health was not always as good as this. Please go back to around 2005 on this blog to get to the worst postings (when I was often bed-ridden, unable to breathe enough to get out of bed), if you are looking for how to tap for those really bad days of health.

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