Insulted and Very Upset

Having survived years of serious chronic disease and chosen a lifestyle that I enjoy, today I got attacked for that. I don’t know; I moved to this country, South Africa, where people’s values are different from where I come from. I cannot condone nor enjoy the extreme capitalism in this country. I knew it was a capitalist country before I moved here, but not at this extreme level. I am absolutely gutted by a series of (I believe racist and classist – I am mixed-race and middle-class) insults I have received today for choosing a happy easy life that suits me. Just because I don’t own the latest car as a result. just because I do not pander to thieves and plastic people. I am livid, as I continue to tap on it, discovering new layers and aspects of these insults that were thrown at me by a very disrespectful person, who has lied and cheated to my face, and along with the insults they threw at me today, they pretended not to do something that just a few days ago they said they did. I got so upset, I missed going to the gym and enjoying getting paid for an activity I enjoy. In the end I just took on an appointment on a day which was supposed to be not an office day, just to get my mind off things.

My own spouse does not want to listen to me tapping and talking about it any more, as I suppose it seems like a rejection of my spouse’s country.

On a scale of 10-0, the latest aspect is a 10.


“Even though … lied and cheated, yet thinks I am jealous of thieves, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though … talked to me like a stupid little jealous girl, the lying, thieving #%$&$&%&%%^(^%, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though …. accused me of aspiring to be like a thief, I deeply love and accept myself”


“Accused me of being jealous of a thief.”

“Accused me even though … is a thief and the biggest liar”

“Treated me like an idiot even though I have a better life, even if not a better car”

“@%&%%%(^)&)(*&)*&(* liar and thief”

It’s now a 5 or 4.75. I am finally exhausted and will continue tomorrow and every day until this liar’s insults get out of my system. In the future, I will distance myself from this person, as they do not deserve my time of day. Wasting half a day tapping and cancelling my day off just to distract myself from the hurt is really not fun.

Still tapping, I think it will help more after all.

“$$^%$^%ing thief”

Now tapping on my earlier self, shocked to have just received the insult:

“Even though you are shocked, I love you anyway”

Now going back through many ages, where I could have asserted myself better but did not.

“Even though you are shocked, I love you anyway”

In a Reiki session given to me by an amazing student, I had a vision of myself before the world gave me big knocks. I was successful and happy, and my earlier successful and happy self helped me, hugged me, and showed me how she did things. I am getting that now, and the warmth from this younger me is mazing, so supportive. She is tapping on me and saying:

“Even though you are shocked, I love you anyway”

I want her to stay with me, to keep reminding me of how it was to be respected and admired in those days. She is stroking my arm and taking me to bed, where I can finally sleep and rest. I feel loved, respected and wanted. The incident is now a 3 out of 10. and the lack of respect that person gave me gives me a lump in my throat.


“Even though that little @#%^&&)&) treated me like a cockroach, a nobody, … can ^)*) off anyway.”


“… can %&#$$# off anyway, the stupid v%&((%^”


It feels like a 1 out of 10. I am well and truly spent. I will let the rest of it go later. I feel so much better.

bright sun

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