Knee release at the gym with EFT stretch-and-tap

I can swing my hips again!

This is what happened; I’m soooo excited about this…

A bit of history first… Last year, I took asthma medication that had the terrible side-effect of joint trouble. Since then, my health has improved tremendously and I have learned not to be tempted with drugs like that (Singulair); they are a quick fix that helps the patient not to deal with the roots of the issue. Anyway, I had a pre-existing weakness in my right hip, and my left knee, and they both became worse. EFT and massages helped me manage them, and I was putting off a chiropractor visit, as I had to go through the process of finding a new good one in my new country of residence. Since I have been getting better and better, my heart and lungs now readily embrace long spin and cycle classes at the gym. I go to Virgin Active in Tableview, and it has some great classes on. I also go to pump, Bosu, and body conditioning classes, as well as Yoga, sometimes Pilates, and stretch. Embracing a number of classes with gusto, I twisted my knee a bit and it became swollen and painful. A friend noticed me walking with a limp.


But, I found a new use for EFT which worked magic for these mishaps in my joints!

I call it stretch-and-tap. Every time I stretched on the mats and every time I stretched in a class I used it. I started by waiting till the stretch became challenging, then tapping on any EFT points I could reach whilst the tissues were challenged. This helped the stretch go further and helped me stretch more efficiently. This worked, but with the new increased load of exercise stressing my joints and the twist effect on my knee, something else was needed if I was to avoid that painstaking new chiropractor search very soon.

So I started adding words while I stretched:

“Even though I have this pain just there, I DEEPLY and COMPLETELY love and accept myself”

Better, but not quite there yet. I persisted, and that in itself was helping. Then I started thinking of what emotions are in my joints. I assumed that I still had anger in my left knee at the makers of Singulair and the doctors who do not report side-effects. This is even though I had already tapped this aspect many times over and thought it was long gone.

“Even though I have this Singlulair anger in my knee, …”

“Even though I have this doctor anger in my knee, …”

“Even though I feel violated by Big Pharma, …”

It was the “violated” word that did it. My knee joint popped into place with a bang. I was delighted! All pain was instantly gone, mobility improved tremendously, and there was just some soreness and weakness in the joint.

At home that evening, I stretched for my right hip again, as my buttock was sore. As I stretched, I asked what emotion could be stored there. I channeled Reiki to the area, and immediately the answer came to me. It was my right hip, so it had to do with the male side of me, the provider. I had been finding it challenging providing in the recession:

“Even though I have this recession worry in my right hip joint, my male hip joint, I deeply…”

Bang! My hip joint snapped back into position, and my back and legs felt freer than they had felt for a year! I walked around my home over and over, swinging my hips as I walked!

Still, the job was not done. I still had some soreness around the knee joint, as if the muscles wanted to revert to the old bad position. So my spouse agreed to muscle-test me using my big anatomy book and came up with the following problem parts: My left femur, lateral condyle, and the combination of the patella and the plantaris muscle. I tapped for all, eg:

“Even though I have this problem with the patella and plantaris acting together, I deeply…”

A retest showed all was well for now. The wobbliness in my knee joint totally disappeared. It no longer felt like it was going to go back to the bad position. I will carry on tapping for a few more weeks to make sure the joint stabilzes completely, but hey… I can swing my hips even more freely now as I walk! Thank you Gary Craig 😀

When you have a chronic physical condition, anything that either emotionally or physically has a negative impact on you can make the condition worse. EFT is one way of throwing away the emotional rubbish collecting in your system. In the same way that we dispose of our household rubbish regularly for home cleanliness and hygiene, I use EFT to dispose of negative emotions for my optimal physical health. EFT helps me with my exercise, which I find essential for my optimal lung wellbeing.

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