Memories of Horror

I was looking amongst old computer files for a letter template. I am tapping as I type about it. As I was searching, I came across a letter to my neighbour where I was living in December 2004. It was a letter beseeching her to get her gas pipes checked, because I and my partner, both disabled, were being choked. That winter, we slept with the windows and doors open. Outside, there was snow.

We had no heating.

Oh, I cried and cried. There must be a change in the law for landlords and housing in the UK. This

tragedy must stop happening. I cried as I tapped and read the letter.

The letter warned the neighbour that her life was in danger, but she ignored it. Then, one day when we were out, she had the fire brigade around and suddenly the gas stopped.

Then her bathroom collapsed into ours and we were able to force the landlord to let us leave (I had a hefty deposit on the place).

I am so grateful I no longer have that life of sheer horror. I look forward to continuing my health.

(Tapping on all accessible points as I typed)

If you have a horror story in your life, just tap. Nobody should ever have to live through horrific events like this. This really was like those horror films at Halloween.

I now live in a home with no gas 😉

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