More anger tapping

Another problem came up.

Tapping and










Still working, fixing it, managing the fix…Â



“….ing b…. ….ing b….”


Overseeing work gets done, tired, angry

…… -ish


Still tapping

I don’t want to lose my temper so I tap continuously till the new task is completed

nearly there

tapping is much better than losing your temper…Â looks a lot less



Tapping on UN points – great for anger

Dare not stop tapping whilst overseeing mistake has been fixed

Just tapping, I don’t need to say anything, I’m FURIOUS! no, I was furious. now I’m just anxious the task gets done quickly – and properly this time.

Tapping on Collarbone

Yet another error found. Yet more money lost.

Still tapping on Collarbone

Still overseeing the fix

Tapping on Collarbone

Tapping on finger points:

“That …… ….ing …… totally ignored my instructions”

“…ing ……”

Now surrogate-tapping so that above-mentioned person can get on with the task properly this time And tapping on me to help keep murderous thoughts at bay

Now tired and will sleep

Hopefully, you won’t see me tapping like this in the morning

Still tapping on finger points (rubbing thumb and other fingers together as I type and worry)

Going to sleep soon.

When you have a chronic physical condition, anything that either emotionally or physically has a negative impact on you can make the condition worse. EFT is one way of throwing away the emotional rubbish collecting in your system. In the same way that we dispose of our household rubbish regularly for home cleanliness and hygiene, I use EFT to dispose of negative emotions for my optimal physical health.

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