Refused an NHS GP because I told the truth

There I was, today trying to

register with a doctor. I had to go through what can only be described as abuse by a nurse there, who refused me any medical

treatment there. Shocked and angry, I left, went home, had a good cry, tapped on it, and decided to complain. It seems that

if I lie and say I have asthma, lie about me being a complementary therapist, lie about me being a scientist, and pretend I

take steroids, then I get treated fine by the medics, who think my progress is due to their wonderful drugs that I simply

don’t take! But I do not wish to live a lie anymore.

I tapped on the anxiety stopper points while writing this complaint

letter and now feel strong enough to go for my daily


As promised, I am

writing with an official complaint.

Today, I went to go through the registration process with the……

The appointment

was scheduled for 14:15 and I was told to arrive at 14:00. I arrived at about 13:55. When I arrived, I heard a woman ask [data lost in database corruption]

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