Steroids and anger – roid rage

London property is overpriced because there are too many people and too few properties. Landlords up the price further by literally papering over cracks.

When we lived in London, two years ago we were gassed for a second time, as our landlord had not checked the flat was safe before doing all the cosmetic changes. And the legacy from 2 years ago when we were gassed that second time is that my partner has lost quite a bit of hearing and has congested nasal and ear passages. In desperation, my partner took steroids last week, which brought back the sense of smell and some more hearing. But I am now being snapped at and screamed at, and it’s hard not to react.

We cope by screaming at each other whilst tapping at the same time, and soon the screaming subsides and we
make good again. But I’m still upset, so I tap…


“Even though I have this screaming bull on steroids, and I’m so angry at our ex-landlady, angry about the UK home cosmetic changes for more rent TV programmes, angry at steroid manufacturers, angry at the doctors who at the time couldn’t help us, I’m glad we’re out of there, and we love each other very much”

As I tap, I’m snapped at again..


“F……g stupid

b……d charging bull on steroids”

I feel better. Now onto the rest of the day….

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