Stuck indoors again

I’m stuck indoors again. There is a problem with my payment system and until it is sorted, I have to personally supervise that it is, although I pay good money to ensure it gets done, and I AM MAD AS HELL about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“F… STUPID ….., I’m now STUCK INDOORS yet again AND – AND I’M WORKING ON A DAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Working on my day off, stuck indoors”
“My only day off this week”
“Why do I have to supervise contractors’ work?”
“OK, so that’s why I’m the boss, because I can and they can’t, but why is that not much consolation right now?”
“Angry as hell”

“I love working with clients, I enjoy giving workshops, but this admin and drudgery work, well, I had booked today off from it, but I have to do it anyway now, and I am so sad I can’t trust someone who doesn’t care enough about my business to get the work done unless I’m breathing down their neck.”

I don’t feel like killing someone anymore. I’m only a 5 out of 10 now.

“Even though I have this 5, and I’m ANGRY that I’m angry, I f….ng accept myself any f……ng way”
“Angry I’m f….ng angry”

At the 9-Gamut, I felt it dissipate to 3, now at 2.23 (honest, no kidding).

I feel sick – I got so mad, I couldn’t finish my breakfast – gloop (porridge), my fav breakfast, ah well, I do want to lose weight, maybe I had too much in my bowl.

“Even though it interrupted my breakfast and canceled my morning and I’m not at all happy about it, I accept myself anyway”
“Interrupted my breakfast and poisoned my blood [with anger and resentment]”

“Even though my morning’s canceled now, and I can’t have time to myself till Monday morning, and I am now angry about THAT, I accept myself anyway”
“Let’s call this week a bust, next week’s another week, a new start, start again, no point trying this week, not meant to be”

I care about my business more than I care about having a day off. I’m now accepting that I do not have any time to myself today and will have to ride out this wave. I’m not happy about it but I’m calm. Maybe a 1. I don’t think it is going to go down any further, as I am continually supervising the work and it’s ongoing for the rest of today.

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