Hashimoto Thyroid Antibodies Halved

Hashimoto Thyroid Antibodies Halved

After my previous blood test found Hashimoto’s, with antibodies through the roof, I took control and made the time almost daily to help my thyroid. I used EFT, Reiki, Allergy Antidotes, and color healing, and the latest blood test shows the antibodies have halved. 

How I tapped for Hashimoto’s

Almost daily, I sent Reiki healing to my thyroid, as I rubbed two EFT finger points (I was in public) and said in my head “I accept my thyroid, I love my thyroid”.

When at home with more time, I would put one hand on my thyroid and another on the thyroxine tablets and say “I accept my thyroid, I accept all forms of thyroxine”. And then I would tap briefly one short round of the same.

Whenever I had more time, I would send blue healing to my thyroid, the color of the throat chakra, as I have been now in a situation where I often cannot speak my truth; since mid-2015, and especially since 2016, with no end in sight for the near future. We live in a world that is toxic and full of trials and tribulations, but we can heal from that as much as possible. 

I am now eager to continue. However, my health insurance does not cover any more blood tests for the next year or so, so I have to pay out of pocket. This is very frustrating. so I tap “Even though I have to pay about £200 for the next test, and that really puts me off, I deeply and completely accept myself and my thyroid, in every way.”

No numbers, just feeling a lot calmer.… Read the rest

Strange EFT Result and New Tapping

Strange EFT Tapping Result – Why?

This morning, I got up to continue yesterday’s tapping. But the emotion was gone. So, why is that? I think the tapping that I did subsequently with yesterday’s client removed the last vestiges of the negative emotions, because we were tapping on a similar issue with the client. It is just one of those strange results with EFT Tapping!

Today’s Negative Emotion

I am towards the end of one marketing campaign and dread part of the day’s activities. I have to meet in person people who are coming for fun rather than genuine curiosity, and the company marketing on my behalf must be doing something different recently, as most people they have sent my way took a fun cheapie and had no interest in finding out more. They are already booked in, and most therapists I know, and certainly myself in the past, before I had to re-establish my business, would not lower themselves to this level, and it hurts. I have taken steps to stop this happening, but these are the remainders from some time ago that I simply have to see now. the dread feeling does not help me, as part of the fun-seeker group arriving today may actually seriously want to go further and book sessions with me. The dread is a 6 out of 10, and I feel it in my throat. So I tap…

Setup and Reminder: “This feeling in my throat, I honour my feelings and where they come from”.… Read the rest