EFT Tapping For Disappointment

When Disappointment Is The First Thing You Wake Up To

I woke up this morning to what should not feel disappointing, but I cannot help feeling disappointed and demotivated. There is no logical reason why I should feel disappointed by what happened, as a matter of fact, I should see it as an opportunity and not a disappointment. But logic is one thing, and emotions are completely something else.

As a matter of fact, I feel low and demotivated.

Tapping For The Emotion Of Disappointment

So I tap (please get your EFT How-to for You if you are unfamiliar with tapping)…

Starting Level of disappointment: 7.5 out of 10. I feel like crying, as I feel my day has been ruined and feel demotivated to carry on.

Setup; “Even though I have this disappointment and feel like crying, I deeply love and accept myself”.

Reminder: “This disappointment”.

The disappointment went down to 5.5 out of 10, and what came up is an overwhelming feeling of being disrespected, even though that makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever, as logic tells me that I have not been disrespected at all. 

Setup; “Even though I feel disrespected, I deeply love and accept myself”.

Reminder: “Disrespected”.

The disrespected feeling was off the scale. Then it went down to a four, then a one. But it is stubborn at 1, because I thought of 2 good reasons why i should feel disrespected, and they make perfect logical sense. So I am now tapping on these reasons, to release the negative emotion.… Read the rest

Business Regrets And Moving Forward

Business Regrets Hampering Progress

Halfway through my work day, I am stopped in my tracks by heavy regtets about the business decisions I had made back in 2016 upon returning to the UK. So I tapped:

Setup; “Even though I have these business regrets, I just want to move forward”.

Reminder: “Business regrets”.

After a few rounds, I am happily moving forward and making this posting!


No numbers, just feeling a calm and productive.

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