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Come Home Baby, Come Home

Come Home Baby, Come Home I have just done the first 1km rum afyer the year of helping knee injury followed by 5 months of COPD complications. I am a look proud! It may not be the 21km I am used to, but it was an effort and an achievement.  I started by walking and…

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High Blood Pressure EFT Simple Mantra

High Blood Pressure EFT Tapping Simple Statement Just about 2 weeks after starting my blood pressure regime, it is normal again. Below the high normal range. Within the nice healthy normal range. And here is the picture from just now. 8 I have been and continue tapping, to become stronger, fitter, and lighter. One additional…

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Nightmare EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping for Nightmare I am still shaken after a nightmare. i woke up from it, tapped for an hour as I remembered it. No words, just tapping to release the over-the-top anxiety this nightmare had caused. Now I can tap. Setup: “I thank this nightmare for bringing my biggest subconscious fears to the surface…

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