Two Oceans Half-Marathon Entry Requirement – I Made it!

I found out yesterday that I am now fit enough to run the Two Oceans Half-Marathon. I nearly did not make it; not for physical reasons, but for emotional reasons. The requirement is to be able to walk 1 km in 8.5 minutes. I made it in 8 minutes and 28 seconds.

Everyone who knows me knows that I fell seriously ill with a lung condition in 1986, which became chronic in 1987 and have since been on the path first to stay alive, and then to get better. Running this half marathon will be quite a testament to all the healing work I have done, without which I should now be either dead or in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank. Let me tell you about my journey yesterday.

It started with a self-healing for abundance and money. Having been living with a serious lung condition for over 20 years, I am at the last stages of paying off the huge debt that I got into. That created in me many blocks to money success. And the day before yesterday, I was working to release a money block, after which I felt great, so I posted something on Facebook saying that I have a new passion. This led to some replies, and then I replied that my plan was to enter a sporting event in 2014, when I reckoned I would be fit enough, but that I would probably be ready for 2012. Then my cousin replied that she would like to join me, and she was thinking of running the Two Oceans marathon next year. At this point, curiosity got the better of me, and I looked up the Two Oceans website. I found out they have a 21 km half-marathon and found out the entry requirements. I decided the next day at the gym, I would go on the treadmill and find out if I was fit enough.

I got to the gym just in time to enter a fun event they were running. It was a two-hour Zumbathon, which was too good to miss. I had to tap during the Zumbathon to stay there, as the compulsion to go to the treadmill was pretty overwhelming at times. I needed to find out so badly! But I knew that if I missed out on the Zunmbathon, I would be disappointed. The same again happened with the stretch class after the Zumbathon. It is really important to stretch as part of my fitness regime, and I tapped to control the urge to skip the class and make a beeline to the treadmill. The tapping was very simple. I just rubbed or tapped my favourite points discreetly as I thought of the urge to go to the treadmill.

Then the stretch class finished. My heart was beating audibly in my chest as I finally went determinedly to the treadmill. After 23 years, was I finally fit enough to do this, or would I be severely disappointed? I got on the treadmill and started walking but realized that I did not know how to measure 1 km in 8.5 minutes. Too excited to do a mental calculation, I got off the treadmill and back to the changing-room, where I worked out that it is around 7.2 km per hour. Then it was a simple matter of knowing that I had to run an average of 7.2 km per hour in order to complete the 1 km in 8.5 minutes. Back on the treadmill, I started walking then set the controls, and walked – and struggled to breathe. At 2.5 minutes, I felt exhausted. I started tapping by rubbing my thumb points continuously on the handlebars as I thought the negative thoughts which were weakening me. My spouse used to be an olympic-grade athlete and is now disabled, and was totally depressed when I had announced my intention to enter the half-marathon. But as I was tapping, my thoughts changed to knowing that if I set an example with my miraculous healing, then my spouse can only be encouraged by that in due course. The walking became very easy after that, till about 3.5 minutes, when I had the fear of failure weakening me. So I tapped in the same way while saying to myself:

I can´t make it – I can make it – I can´t make it – I can make it.

The tapping changed what I was saying to:

I can make it. I can do it. I can.

Then at 5 minutes, I wanted to make sure I did this. I spoke in my mind, whilst tapping continuously, giving every cell in my body a one-word message:


At 6 minutes, I felt that every cell in my body was understanding the new command and was doing what was required to be in a state of health. Then, to be extra sure, I visualised myself wearing the shirt with lots of numbers on it, like the guy in the picture on the two oceans website. I imagined myself running with a few people in front of me (as is physically realistic) and lots of people behind me. Then I continued tapping as I approached 8 minutes and 28 seconds to stop myself from crying with joy in front of everyone at the gym!

If you are planning to go and want to meet up, let me know! Now what remains is to wait for the Two Oceans website to be ready for me to pay them and officially enter. I hope I have not missed out for this round. If so, I will simply enter the next one. I eagerly await this to happen.

When you have a chronic physical condition, anything that either emotionally or physically has a negative impact on you can make the condition worse. EFT is one way of throwing away the emotional rubbish collecting in your system. In the same way that we dispose of our household rubbish regularly for home cleanliness and hygiene, I use EFT to dispose of negative emotions for my optimal physical health.

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